Nearly Everything I Learned in Kindergarten Screwed Me Up!

Uncover the old and irrelevant that should be unlearned. Replace it with the new and highly effective. Follow specific, actionable instructions that bring immediate, positive results.

You will...

  • Master the fine art of interruption, in all situations,
  • Engineer respectful introductions to anyone,
  • Meet and learn from your ideal mentors,
  • Become your own P.R. agency,
  • Make your whole career a game to play and win,
  • Look-and-be-absolutely brilliant by asking great questions,
  • Gift yourself with life's sweetest rewards, yours and nobody else's.

The lessons teachers and professors never taught. It wasn’t part of the curriculum. But that was then and there—in school—but School is Out!

The Culture of Success

Discover “Ten Natural Laws” at the heart of creating a Culture of Success that will...
  • Attract the best talent to your team,
  • Inspire a new spirit of creativity and innovation,
  • Improve performance,
  • Increase sales,
  • Win the loyalty of your ideal clientele,
  • Boost your bottom line, and
  • Be the place where you want to work.

Packed with practical, actionable ideas and systems for leaders and members of all organizations, this book is an indispensable guide to creating a workplace environment where everybody wants to come and is eager to do his or her best.

Learn how to harness the Ten Natural Laws, basic to human interaction, and put them to work for you.

Ignore the Laws at your peril. They will work against you if you allow your workplace culture to develop by default, rather than by design. In your Culture of Success, your team will do amazing things for the organization, the people you serve, and for themselves, while feeling better about work than ever before.

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